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Stage Door Promotions

After you greet a potential new client, customer, or patron, what are the chances that they remember you the next day? While your personality may shine, having something tangible for them to take home will remind them of your business every time they use that product. Our promotional and personalized products for businesses are instrumental to securing someone's attention.

One of our specialties is supplying schools with uniforms and various items for their school store. We also supply trade show giveaways, corporate events, and individualized gifts. Being located in the heart of Hollywood, California we work with all the major studios and provide show start up gifts, wrap gifts, holiday gifts and cast and crew gifts.

We do ship our products Nationwide and can help you get the ball rolling on any specific product you have in mind. So whether you are working towards filling an amphitheater, selling car parts, or drumming up a new network, Stage Door Promotions can help!

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